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The Plan

Finally, after some time getting my ideas organised, I want to start planning. Yes planning.

As a project manager I have to plan every day, at work, at home almost on every situation I am involved. So, in this case, I would like to set some ides for this year and how I pretend to share ideas with my blog.

First at all, let’s start from the beginning, my blog’s name, Why PM+Q? Well, to me it sounds simple, this is not a fancy name, and it’s just simple as it sounds. “PM” stands for Project Management and “Q” for Quality (as easy as that, don’t you think?) Many people may think a strong meaning name would be more appropriate, but I think the things must be keep simple.

In the Project Management field things are simple, don’t get me wrong but good professionals do a great job and make the things easy for everyone. Project Management is not an easy profession, but when you love what you do, you can make it simple.

Being a project manager is not being a pest. There are many ways you could manage projects, but also, there are many ways to get into failure if you don’t know what you are doing. Anyway, I would have tons of time to tell you stories and tips. Maybe, I should create a comic book… or maybe not.

Project Management as a discipline needs a lot of compromise and responsibility from every professional; for that reason I added the “Q”. Project Management AND Quality should be always together. Quality facilitates the processes and standards needed to succeed. Quality it’s not just about numbers, charts and SLA’s; Quality is about the feeling and passion to make the things GREAT! Everything can be improved.

For this year I want to set some goals: The Plan. Since I have a wide experience in the Software Development and Infrastructure fields, I was thinking about many ways to make this funny, for example, I could take some events from my real life and put those into the PM and Quality context to contrast ideas, being critical and giving opinions.

I would like to share ideas about my experience at software development companies and their relationship with other segments: Food Industry, Automobile, Agriculture, Finance, Construction, and many others where you may be aware that Project Management and Quality are closely related to success.

Good stuff to come! No doubt, I will be happy to share it with the world.